Understanding Your Alpha—Society’s Newest Generation

Your first graders are part of our newest generation—Generation Alpha!
This young generation represents children born between the years 2010-2025, meaning a majority of this group have yet to be born! Your Alphas, so far, are indeed the most technologically-connected, digitally endowed group ever to exist!
These children were born along with iPhones, iPads, and endless apps. They don't know, and cannot imagine, life without them.

Since there is still not sufficient evidence on the impact Generation Alpha will have on society (after all these Alphas are still young and change is a reality) there are still some undisputed facts:

  • ✓  Alphas are the first generation born and shaped entirely in the 21st century, growing up in a fully immersed, high-tech, smartphone-driven world from the day they were born!
  • ✓  The oldest members of Generation Alpha just turned nine!
  • ✓  In 2025, your first graders will be amongst the seniors of Generation Alpha!
  • ✓  Alphas could possibly take on jobs that don’t yet exist!
  • ✓  Alphas will be the first generation, to see in record numbers, the 22nd century!
    Never before has there been a generation so digitally integrated. These children have been
    immersed in technology their entire lives and their future holds technological advances we cannot even begin to imagine. Expecting your Alphas to turn off their devices and learn the old- fashioned way, is like expecting us to turn off our computers and communicate only through a land line! We must accept that technology is not just a facet of our Alpha’s lives, it is intrinsically a part of them.
    Learning with technology is the future. Our schools, once defined by books, chalkboards, and teacher lectures, are now an interactive experience where students are active participants and not just receivers of information. Your Alpha’s brains are already pre-wired for technology and they have an incredibly high level of digital literacy. To students in the digital society, traditional learning is lacking stimulation. To them, a computer game or educational app offers more engagement, and appeals to their modern, digital world. Since Alphas will not remember life without smartphones, tablet computers, streaming digital content, and an app for just about every perceived need there might be, they have little to fear about technology. Generation Alpha will be undaunted when it comes to implementing technology in every aspect of human life. And why shouldn’t they be? Advancing technology is the future and our Alphas will be in charge!
    Encouraging your Alpha to learn via a digital device will enhance rather than impede their educational lives. Instead of limiting these tools at home, parents should find smart ways to incorporate them into their Alpha’s educational journey. This shows your children that you accept technology and the important role it plays in their life. Rather than fight it, teach your Alphas how to use their devices appropriately and productively. You have the power to inspire your kids to use technology for good, and to use it safely.
    Technology is moving the world forward and our 21st century students are moving right along with it. To properly encourage and engage our Alphas, we must adapt to their digital needs and tap into their increasing technological fluency. To do this, we will have to get on board, or get out of their way!
  • by Pam Guilmain